What Is It about Dinosaurs?

It’s almost a universal rule. Kids love them. Their dinosaur expertise is seriously astounding. At Learning Zone, our students study dinosaurs and fossils through the eyes of a paleontologist. 

Using Sensory Play

One of our favorite learning tools is the sensory table, and it was perfect for “being” a paleontologist. In the middle of the table is a recessed bin that all the children can reach. So in the bin, we placed items that a paleontologist might use in excavations: tweezers, magnifying glasses, and brushes. We also included “fossils” made of salt dough and toy dinosaurs. The students brushed the salt dough pieces gently until the fossil (a toy dinosaur, tooth, pearl, etc.) became visible. We refer to this as “sensory play.” 

Using Hands-On Play

Our younger “paleontologists” used toy dinosaurs to make dinosaur tracks in different paint colors. So not only were they learning about dinosaur tracks, they were learning their colors. 

Toy dinosaurs and pictures in books provided inspiration to our little ones. Then they created their own dinosaurs from lots of different art media. They also created their own fossils using clay and objects that they use to make impressions in the clay. These hands-on activities help develop small motor skills, decision making skills, imagination, and vocabulary. 

Using a STEAM Curriculum at Learning Zone Childcare 

STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math. STEAM is what drives our curriculum at Learning Zone. Our research-based curriculum, supports the major developmental tasks that children require to excel mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially.

Joining Our Family

If you are looking for the best childcare in Murfreesboro, please consider Learning Zone. We have many things we think you will like: security (security code or fingerprint passcode to enter the building), CCTV for on-site video monitoring, cloth diaper friendly policy, nutritious meals and snacks, and more.