About Learning Zone Preschools

Learning Zone Child Care is one of the most unique preschools and daycares in Murfreesboro and Nashville, TN. We are a child development center dedicated to a fun filled learning experience during the early years. We serve families with children 6 weeks to five years of age. We believe in providing quality care and education during these critical years of development.


Gear up for discovery and learning!
Learning Zone students develop, learn and thrive first through imaginative play. Psychological and scientific research shows that children develop their cognitive and social skills through the use of their imagination and hands on interaction.

These elements are paramount in our learning model. Both essential to learning any new concept, these pillars create the foundation for discovery in our Learning Zones.


Gear up for fun filled classroom experiences!
Our research based curriculum, Innovations, supports the major developmental tasks that children require to excel mentally, physically, emotionally and socially. Some specific areas where your child will experience hands on learning:

Learning Zone Preschools Murfreesboro

  • Verbal Communication
  • Exploring roles
  • Problem-solving
  • Scientific reasoning
  • Logical thought
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Creating community
  • Expressing/Differientiation of emotion

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Gear up for community!
We are a family friendly place. We encourage you to create community with fellow parents and teachers. Saying hello and offering a smile are expected and encouraged acts in our center. We offer fun center activities and special times to gather together. To further create this sense of community, our students practice family style dining.

There are multiple benefits that are proven from this unique approach. Your children practice sharing, serving and passing food at all meal times to build their fine motor skills as well as social and community skills.

Learning Zone Preschool and Daycare Locations

Learning Zone preschools began in Murfreesboro, TN and we continue to expand our quality preschool and daycare program throughout Tennessee. Below is a list of our current centers and new locations coming soon!

Preschools Coming in 2024!