How the Best Childcare Centers in Murfreesboro Teach Cooperation

Learning Zone is known as one of the best childcare centers in Murfreesboro.  Children that come through our program develop many skills that help them in school as well as life.  One of these important skills is learning to cooperate.  You, as parents, can reinforce cooperation at home.

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Fostering Cooperation at Home

Sometimes parents don’t realize it, but they have many opportunities at home to help their children learn to be cooperative. Here are some ways to foster a spirit of cooperation for your children at home:

  • Stress the importance of taking turns. This could be in playing a game or cleaning up after dinner.
  • Emphasize that when the family works together as a group, they can achieve more.
  • Praise everyone in the family when a task is completed.  This will show the child that when he gives his best, he becomes a valuable member of the family team.

Teaching Cooperation at Home

In addition to being a role model, a parent should take every opportunity to teach his child what cooperation looks like.

  • Use characters in movies and books.  When reading a book at night or watching a movie together, bring out how the characters achieved more when they worked together.
  • Design projects the  family can do together.  This could include cleaning the basement or working in the yard.  Afterwards, emphasize the success they all had as they worked together.
  • Praise your child when he helps someone.  He could help a grandparent or neighbor without expecting anything in return.  
  • Allow for choices about how or when to complete a task. This enables a child to choose to be cooperative. 

Learning Zone Is Known as One of the Best Childcare Centers in Murfreesboro

We at Learning Zone, we want to work with you as parents to encourage cooperation. Our goal is to help your child achieve success in life as he meets the challenges he will face. Learn more about Learning Zone.