Do You Want the Best Child Care
in Murfreesboro for Your Child?

Are you looking for a place where your child can thrive? Then look no farther than Learning Zone for the best child care in Murfreesboro. 

Come to Learning Zone for the Best Child Care in Murfreesboro

If the philosophy of Learning Zone could be reduced to a simple formula it would look like this:

imagination + hands-on activity + fun = learning

At Learning Zone we subscribe to the psychological and scientific research that proves this formula. So visit our newest location, Learning Zone at Berkshire, and see this in action.

Making Activities Fun and Relatable

When designing hands-on activities, we like to focus on a particular occupation that our students can imagine performing. For example, our four-year-old pre-K class at one of our locations recently imagined being “shop keepers.”  This class loves using their imaginations in our special area called the “Imagination Zone.” They also love pizza. So they turned the Imagination Zone into a pizza shop! Everyone loved taking turns being a chef, being a server, and, best of all, being a customer! 

This hands-on activity helped develop attention span and vocabulary. In these photos of the activity, you can see some of the other skills that our pre-K students were using and developing.

The children used their imaginations along with their cooperation and communication skills to work together to set up the “pizza shop.” First, our little chefs had to organize and sort the pizza toppings into bowls. Using tongs to place the toppings on the pizza dough helped develop coordination and small motor control. Then our little customers used reading skills and communication skills to order from the menu. Finally, our little servers used their memory skills to remember the orders and communicate them to the chef. And all our children (and teachers) had a ton of fun!