Best Day Care for Imagination

At Learning Zone, our slogan is “Powered by Imagination.” Scientific research teaches us that children learn through their imagination and hands-on interaction. To be the best day care possible, our curriculum uses this principal to help children develop their cognitive and social skills.

Cardboard Fun and Learning

Let’s take a closer look at one of our recent activities using imagination and hands-on play. In the photos below you can see that the teachers and students have been busy creating cardboard projects to enhance the classroom. First, they gathered their boxes and everyday objects. Then, they imagined what they could make with them. After making them, they had even more fun playing with them. Creations they made include a car and gas pump, puppet theater, guitar, shape sorter, bean bag toss, boat, and basketball hoop.

Best Child Care Cardboard Projects

The Educational Value of the Project

This type of project definitely fosters working together and verbal communication. It lets children explore their roles too. For example, they find out who likes to construct things and who prefers to decorate them, who’s a leader and who’s a follower. 

The teachers also incorporate skills like counting, problem solving, and logical thought. For example, using math skills, the children may have to count items that go in the project or make measurements.

Once the children got to play with their new “toys,” their imaginations really took off. They were learning while having fun:

  • driving the car to the gas station
  • using the gas pump to fill the car’s tank
  • singing songs while strumming the guitar
  • giving a puppet show

All these activities provide an  immersive learning experience. And the best part is that the children are having fun and don’t even realize that they are “learning.” It is so rewarding for us to see the children grow and develop as they embrace each day with anticipation and expectation.  

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