The Best Preschools in Lebanon
Help Children Become More Independent

Learning Zone’s new Lebanon location is already getting the reputation of being one of the best preschools in Lebanon. We are a child development center dedicated to a fun-filled learning experience. And part of that learning involves helping children become more independent.

How Parents Can Encourage Independence in Their Preschoolers

The home environment plays a big part in developing a child’s independence. It may be easier for a parent to make the choices for the child, but it is valuable for the preschooler to start developing independence at home. And our preschool teachers will encourage and support that independence your child is gaining. 

Here are some simple activities in your home that can help promote your child’s independence:

Learning Zone is one of the best preschools in Lebanon
  • Getting dressed. Allow your child to choose his outfit for the day.  The shirt and pants may not match, but the child will feel good about wearing his favorite clothes.
  • Eating. Let your child decide what he wants for breakfast and then encourage him to prepare as much of it on his own as he can. 
  • Selecting activities. Let your child select an option from a list of choices for a daily routine. For example, you might offer your child these options for a bedtime activity: listen to a favorite song or playlist, read a favorite book, have a little chat with Mom or Dad. 
  • Doing chores. Teach your child at an early age that everyone in the family must do chores. For your preschooler it can be picking up toys, setting the table, or taking care of the family pet.
  • Taking risks. Of course, we want our children to be safe, but allow them to ride bikes and climb trees. Teach them safety precautions so they won’t get hurt but allow them to have an exciting childhood.

Let Us Earn Our Reputation as One of the Best Preschools in Lebanon

Visit our location and see for yourself why Learning Zone is one of the premiere preschools in Lebanon