Holiday Travel Recommendations
from the Best Preschools in Mt. Juliet

No doubt many parents will be traveling during this holiday season. If traveling with toddlers you’ll want to plan carefully to make travel as pleasant for everyone as possible.  As one of the best preschools in Mt. Juliet, Learning Zone can offer some recommendations for you.

Basic Travel Tips

When traveling by any method, you need to consider the four things that a toddler need every day. These basic needs are

  • Exercise 
  • Entertainment
  • Food
  • Sleep

You are probably well equipped to handle all these things when traveling by car, so let’s look at ways to meet these needs when traveling by plane.

Traveling by Plane

The Best Preschool in Mt. Juliet Gives Travel Tips for Toddlers

Air travel is quite a bit more difficult than traveling by car. You have no control over the travel time, stopping for breaks, or getting exercise, much less sleeping comfortably. 


When your child gets tired of sitting in the seat, instead of letting your child run up and down the aisle or jumping up and down in the seat, let your child stand up facing the seat to use it like a table for some activity.


In your carry-on, be sure to pack books, toys, and games for entertainment. Stow your carry-on under the seat in front of you instead of in the overhead.

A tablet, loaded with play lists of songs and stories and apps for puzzles and games will take up less room than physical books and toys. If you intend to rely heavily on the tablet, pack headphones for your child so other passengers are not annoyed. Additionally, pack a new coloring book or sticker book to offer your child a break from digital activity. 


Pack some favorite snacks for your child in your carry-on. Choose snacks that are not messy, and don’t forget to pack some clean-ups. After passing through security, purchase some bottles of water to take on the plane with you.


If possible, schedule flights that are in the air during times your child is usually sleeping – at night or at nap time. Getting exercise (walking through the airport and riding up and down on the escalators) before boarding can help your child to sleep on the plane. Be sure to take any favorite sleeping items such as a stuffed toy.

Learning Zone Is the Best Preschool in Mt. Juliet

We would love to have you join our family. View photos and learn more about our preschool in Mt Juliet, TN. From our family to yours, we wish you safe and happy travels.