Why Learning Zone is One of the Best Preschools in Murfreesboro TN

Learning Zone is a brand new preschool facility. Already parents consider it one of the best preschools Murfreesboro TN has to offer. How does a new facility like this establish such a good reputation in such a short time?

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If you ask the Director, Christine Arrington, she would probably credit the passion and experience of her staff.

If you ask the teachers, they would probably credit the fun-filled, effective curriculum. And they would probably add that the physical environment is fantastic.

All of the above are true, but there are even more important reasons. . .

Parents Reveal Why Learning Zone Is One of the Best Preschools in Murfreesboro TN

If you ask the parents why Learning Zone is one of the best preschools in the area, you will finally get to the heart of the matter. Parents give two (very similar) reasons:

  1. Love
  2. Love

Reason #1 – The workers love the children unconditionally.
Many parent comments attest to this on Learning Zone’s Facebook page. One said,  “The teachers. . . genuinely love our little man. They treat him like he is their own.” Another parent said, “The teachers are like a family who love with full hearts!”

Reason #2 – The children absolutely love Learning Zone.
Parent comments on Learning Zone’s Facebook page also support this reason. One mother said,

“My baby literally reached & leaned to go to her teacher this morning at day care. . . Knowing that she is . . .so excited to see her teacher makes it so much easier to go to work each day.”

Another parent said,

“He loves everyone there already. Even get groans now when I tell him it is Saturday and you can’t go to school.”

So I guess the Beatles got it right – “Love is all you need.” And Learning Zone has figured that out! If you’d like to see for yourself why Learning Zone is one of the best preschools Murfreesboro has to offer simply click the button below to get started.