Designing a Product

Each month, the curriculum at Learning Zone focuses on a particular occupation or profession. This lends “real life” context to the learning activities. And, of course, our teachers are very talented at making the learning activities age appropriate. Learn more about our Learning Zone preschool teachers here. 

In December, the learning topics at Learning Zone revolve around the occupation of product designer. December is the perfect month to study product design at Learning Zone. After all, it is the month when manufacturers introduce new designs and new products just in time for Christmas. students were proud to see their new product designs displayed on the bulletin board. (See photo.)

Exploring the Job of a Product Designer

Our 5-year-old preschoolers at Learning Zone started their study of product design by trying to answer the question, “What is a Product Designer?” Answers that were very perceptive included:

  • When you make something pretty and design it.
  • They make stuff, like windows.
  • A person who builds toys.

Two answers I would put in the category of “kids say the darnedest things” include:

  • They design rainbows.
  • They’re grown-ups!

One young lady said a product designer is “someone that makes a cool crayon that is pretty and draws.”  At five years of age she already understands the concept of form and function! And her answer inspired the class activity. 

Designing a Product

We gave our five-year-olds at Learning Zone the assignment of designing a cool crayon. Of course, most designs begin with a sketch or mock-up. So our young product designers had to create their designs on paper. We supplied them with lots of glitter, glue, and crafting materials, and let them use their creativity to come up with their own design.

This activity not only encourages creativity, it helps develop the fine motor skills. After designing their crayons, students also named them. Three of my favorite names are the “Glitter Sparkle Crayon,” the “Kitty Face Crayon,” and the “Jacob Dinosaur Crayon.”