Developing Small Motor Control

At Learning Zone, our curriculum uses hands-on play and activities to develop skills. Some of our activities in February facilitated developing small motor control. In our 2-year-old age group, our hands-on project focused on creating our own clothing. Some very imaginative, young fashion-designers-in-the-making emerged. We began with a large brown paper bag that had arm and neck holes cut out to make a “t-shirt.”  First our little designers painted their shirts and then decorated them with scraps of fabric, buttons, glitter, and more.

Developing Small Motor Control

This activity helped develop independence, imagination, attention span, and organization. When they finished the t-shirts, we discussed the many different types of shirts—long sleeve, short sleeve, tank tops, etc. Then we discussed the types of weather in which to wear each type of shirt. These discussions helped develop communication skills.

Developing Small Motor Control along with Hand-Eye Coordination

Our Pre-K group used their investigative skills to explore the many types of fasteners used in clothing. They discovered buttons, Velcro, laces, snaps, zippers, and more. They also practiced using these fasteners, which had the effect of boosting their self-confidence and aiding in hand-eye coordination.

Imaginative Play Is a Cornerstone of Our Curriculum

Research shows that in their early years, children develop cognitive and social skills through imagination and hands-on interaction. That’s why imaginative play is such a large part of our curriculum at Learning Zone, and why our students thrive. Through engaging, hands-on activities, we encourage your children to explore, ask questions, discover and experiment.

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