Educating Preschoolers on Healthy Nutrition Choices

Did you know that Learning Zone has an exclusive approach on educating families about “healthier choices” when it comes to nutrition? We call it Seed-To-Table!

It is our way to introduce young children to healthier choices by incorporating vegetable exploration through sensory experiences. This means that we allow our students to explore the veggies using the five senses. They get to hear about the veggies, see the veggies grow, touch the veggies at different stages of growth, smell them, and of course taste them!

All About Grow Zone

Every year in early April, our schools prepare for harvest. We have a garden at each site, which we call the Grow Zone. Our PreK students take part in helping plant, sow, and grow the veggies. We usually plant a mix of squash, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, and zucchini. The vegetables are each highlighted on a specific week throughout various menu items and they make for a savory treat and experience for our students. We love to watch their faces as they explore new taste!

At our Siegel Learning Zone, located right cross from Siegel High school, we have partnered up with the High School Horticulture Club. Our partnership allows the high schoolers to help educate the PreK students about how to take care of the plants. It is a great way to encourage the little ones!

Even our younger classes are involved in the veggie exploration! The toddlers were able to taste what the grape tomatoes taste like that they were also growing outside. As you can see in the pictures, they were excited for this opportunity.