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Reading and Writing in Educational Preschools Murfreesboro

Learning Zone is one of the premier educational preschools Murfreesboro parents depend on for their preschoolers. Key to being a premier education preschool, is our curriculum that focuses on literacy skills – reading and writing, These specific skills develop in conjunction with speaking and listening. 

How Role-Playing Helps Develop Literacy Skills

At Learning Zone, we build learning activities around real-world occupations. If you look at some of our previous blogs, you will see that our children assume many interesting roles throughout the year. These include business owners, artists, product designers, builders, and cooks, to name just a few. Each role provides interesting literacy skill learning opportunities. For example, when role-playing a restaurant scenario, students got to make and read menus. 

The Best Educational Preschools Murfreesboro Has to Offer

With our four locations, Learning Zone has preschools Murfreesboro TN residents can access conveniently. We also have locations in Nashville, Gallatin, and Mt. Juliet. 

Developing Literacy Skills at Home 

At Learning Zone, we encourage our parents to reinforce learning at home. Here are some simple things you can do at home to help your child develop literacy skills:

  • Have books around for children to look at whenever they want.
  • Keep paper and crayons handy for children to draw and write.
  • Make labels for objects in your home and stick them on the objects. This teaches vocabulary and word recognition. 
  • Read books together and then talk about what you have read.
  • Sing songs together often enough that your child can memorize the words.
  • Be sure to set an example for your child by reading in front of him or her.
  • Give your child a junk mail letter and let them point to the words or letters that they know.
  • Help your child write a letter to grandma, the teacher, or Santa Claus. 
  • Tell your child stories and encourage your child to tell you stories. 
  • Take your child to the library. 
  • Challenge your child to read words on signs while travelling in the car.