Why Family Style Dining?

Family style dining is a part of each mealtime at Learning Zone preschools in Murfreesboro. Our students learn to serve themselves and eat together, along with their education engineers, for an interactive hands-on mealtime experience.

How Meal Time Fosters Child Development

family style dining preschools murfreesboro

Family style dining fosters development on so many levels in the early childhood setting. By allowing the children to practice serving themselves on a daily basis they touch on social/emotional development as they learn the routine of passing not only the food, but also helping with the cups, plates and utensils.

Engaging Language and Motor Skills

They increase their fine motor skills as they gain better control over the serving utensils. Their language skills emerge as they engage in conversations with their education engineers and other children. Their cognitive development is also challenged as they exercise decision making and problem solving skills.

Environmentally Conscious

We chose to make the environmentally conscious decision to use real cups, plates and utensils to enhance the mealtime experience even further. This hands-on approach is a positive learning experience and an integral part of the Learning Zone program!

Our Murfreesboro Preschool Locations

At the time of this post we have two preschool locations in Murfreesboro. Our Blackman preschool location is open and taking new enrollments and our Siegel preschool locations is under construction and taking enrollment inquiries. Click on the links below to learn more.

If you are searching for preschools outside of Murfreesboro that offer a family style dining experience then consider The Academy. The Academy has 5 preschools in Franklin TN and 2 day cares in Brentwood TN.