Fur, Skin, and Scales

As part of our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) curriculum for May, Learning Zone students are studying animals. Our younger children are learning to identify the different animals that live at the zoo. They will also learn the difference in fur, skin and scales, about building animal enclosures, and about zoo keeping.

Our older children are learning about animals through the eyes of a wildlife scientist (a.k.a. zoologist). They are looking at such things as:

  • Polar bear dens
  • Underwater exploration
  • Animal habitats and camouflage – Animal foot prints
  • Zoo enclosures
  • Elephant hygiene

In the picture above, you can see that the children were very hard at work building a very icy and snowy-looking polar bear den. They loved wearing the polar bear masks and “hibernating” in the den.

Learning about Animals at Home

It’s important for parents to reinforce what their children are learning at school. When it comes to learning about animals at home, about 68% of all U.S. families have a pet. So that’s an easy opportunity. Young children can learn how to treat pets, and as they get older, learn how to care for them.

Visiting the local zoo and attending some of the educational programs at the zoo can be a fun way to learn more about animals.  For example, the Nashville Zoo offers the Zoo Tots program (for ages 2 – 3 and for ages 4 – 5) twice a year. It is a six-week series where children learn through art, songs, special animal friends, and zoo hikes to an animal exhibit.

Learning about Learning Zone

We invite you to schedule a visit to the Learning Zone to learn more about our STEAM curriculum. Come and see how children learn about the sciences through art, songs, experiments, and imaginative play. After you visit, we think you will find that Learning Zone is one of the best childcare centers Murfreesboro has to offer.