Murfreesboro Learning Zone on Siegel Road – Immediate Openings for Daycare

Learning Zone Daycare on Siegel Road in Murfreesboro has immediate openings for daycare as of May 2023. In this two-part blog, we tell you what a day is like through the eyes of 3-year-old Henry James. Henry is a typical little boy – although fictitious – full of vim and vigor. Along with his fictitious baby sister Lila, Henry attends our Learning Zone Daycare in Murfreesboro on Siegel Road. Read on to see what a day is like at our Siegel Road preschool in Murfreesboro.


Henry’s mother arrived this morning on her way to work at around 7:30 a.m. She parked in one of the spots in our parking lot that’s closest to the front door and used her unique security code to enter the building. 

She took Lila to the nursery first (leaving an ample supply of the cloth diapers she prefers) and then dropped Henry off with his teacher to wash hands before transitioning into Zone Exploration.

immediate openings daycare preschool Murfreesboro TN

Zone Exploration

Zone Exploration is where our children build fine motor skills. Today Henry manipulated tiny gears to make a new invention! The children love sitting in their own little chairs at the little tables that are just the right height for them. 

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Breakfast Time

Soon it was time to get ready for breakfast, which is at 8:30 a.m. each morning. Henry and his friends took turns washing their hands while the teachers cleaned the tables for mealtime. The chef, Mrs. Jenna, brought breakfast in, and the teachers measured  the appropriate amount of food for each child. Today, breakfast consisted of English muffins, blueberries, and a cream cheese spread – some of Henry’s favorites. 

Learning Activities

After breakfast, Henry had fun coloring and squishing some very nice goo. Of course, while he was “playing,” he was also learning the names of colors, practicing his small motor skills, and interacting with the other children. But don’t tell Henry that! He thought he was just playing and having fun

Then (because today is his birthday) Henry got to pick out a book for his teacher to read at story time. He selected Oh No! My Dinosaur Thinks He’s A Ninja! It’s a funny story about James and his best friend Ziggy the dinosaur. This cute story teaches lessons about friendship and problem solving.

Immediate Openings for Daycare 

Read about the rest of Henry’s typical day at Learning Zone to see if we are a good match for you and your child. (You might want to call us BEFORE you read Part 2 because opening do fill up fast.)