Winter Activities in Our Murfreesboro Preschools

Learning Zone will start ramping up the winter activities in our Murfreesboro preschools soon. These warm temperatures surely won’t last much longer! 

Reading Books about Winter

Soon, we’ll be reading books about snow, sledding, building snowmen and all things winter. A favorite book is Do Frogs Drink Hot Chocolate? How Animals Stay Warm in Winter. Parents can join in at home by reading some of the great winter books you can find on Amazon.  

Winter Arts and Crafts

During craft time, we encourage children to be create and to have fun. One of the children’s favorite winter crafts is cutting out snowflakes. 

At home, have fun with “building” a snowman with marshmallows. Use toothpicks, mini, regular, and large size marshmallows. Save the leftovers for hot chocolate! 

Winter Exercises for Preschoolers

When the temperature is not too cold, we bundle up our little preschoolers in their coats and toboggans and play on the playground. On days that are too cold, we might do something like play a Christmas song and let the children dance around the room in a line. 

Building a real snowman at home can be fun, but we seldom get the chance in Tennessee. But  we do have the opportunity to ice skate at several locations during the winter. Ice skating is a great exercise for preschoolers. It improves endurance, strength, and stamina, and balance. 

The Ford Ice Center has public skate sessions at a very reasonable cost that also includes skate rental. Or you can try the rooftop skating rink on the top of the 10-story Bobby Hotel in downtown Nashville. 

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