Play-Based Learning –
the Cornerstone of the Learning Zone Curriculum.

Many of us underestimate the importance of playtime for children. At play, a child feels a sense of self-worth as he enjoys active time with no apparent set goals.  Play-based learning is the cornerstone of the Learning Zone curriculum.

Getting Dirty

play-based learning can be dirty

Every child loves to get his hands dirty, especially when adults allow it. The following allow a child to develop physically while using his hands:

  • Sand.  Playing in sand alone or with a buddy builds self-confidence and promotes physical development.
  • Water.  Water play, such as pouring and straining, is always popular with children and helps develop dexterity.
  • Play Dough.  In spite of its mess, play dough allows a child to be creative while strengthening fingers.


Young children love to pretend. Pretending activities can help develop reasoning, vocabulary, and motor skills. Very few supplies are needed in a classroom to make this happen. The following are very popular with children:

  • Dress up and role play.  A few clothes and props are all a child needs to let his imagination take over.
  • Playing with dolls and action figures.  Children develop their imagination and express their feelings when they pretend with dolls and action figures.

The Creative Side of Play-Based Learning

A child’s day that is filled with creativity is a real learning experience that the child actually enjoys. These are things that help develop creativity:

  • Drawing. Using either paint or crayons, a child can express himself on paper.
  • Puzzles and Lego’s.  These activities help develop reasoning and spatial thinking.
  • Dancing and Singing. These aid in physical and mental development and may create a life-long love of the arts

Learn More about Play-Based Learning at Learning Zone

At Learning Zone, we like to say that our program is “powered by imagination.” We invite you to visit us to see this concept in person. Learning Zone has 12 locations in Middle Tennessee. We hope to see you at one of our locations soon. We have openings for all ages in Murfreesboro at our Siegel location and Veterans location