One of the Premier Preschools in Murfreesboro Explains Why Class Size Matters

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In the 14th century, a poet first penned the phrase “the more the merrier,” meaning that more people make things more fun. While this might be true in lots of cases, it isn’t true in a classroom situation. An optimal child-to-adult ratio is important for your child’s health, safety, and development. As one of the premier preschools in Murfreesboro, Learning Zone employs optimal ratios in all classes.

State of Tennessee Requirements

As a childcare center licensed by the State of Tennessee, we follow the requirements of the state in regard to child-to-adult ratios. The Tennessee ratios depend on the age of the child as follows:

  • 6 weeks to 15 months: one staff for up to five children (1:5) 
  • 12 to 30 months: one staff for up to seven children (1:7) 
  • 24 to 35 months: one staff for up to 8 children (1:8) 
  • 3 years: one staff for up to 10 children (1:10) 
  • 4 years: one staff for up to 15 children (1:15) 
  • 5 years: one staff for up to 20 children (1:20) 

As you can see, the younger the child, the more adults are required in the ratio.

Why Learning Zone Is One of the Premier Preschools in Murfreesboro 

At Learning Zone, we believe children deserve a fun and memorable childhood. We pride ourselves on making that happen by having a loving staff and home-like atmosphere. This is true of all our Learning Zone locations. 

We choose our teachers and staff based on their caring attitudes, knowledge of child development, and their enthusiasm for teaching young children. Our teachers and staff  encourage, innovate, and facilitate development for a well-rounded preschool experience. 

The personalized attention we give children helps them to feel secure in an environment away from home. Our small class sizes give teachers time to individually notice each child and provide meaningful instruction.