The Benefits of Care
by a Professional Child Care Center

If you are looking for quality childcare in Middle Tennessee, Learning Zone is the perfect place for your child. Quality child care centers play a vital role in a child’s development.  As a professional child care center, we offer all the benefits that child care outside of the home can possibly provide.  We will review just a few of the benefits of childcare in this blog.

A Professional Child Care Center Provides Structure and Routine

A Professional Child Care Center

At a minimum, a good childcare center provides a structure for the day and a common routine. Structure and routine are essential to child development. In fact, young children really thrive on these. The structure and the sameness of a routine provide a sense of security for a child. Of course, too much structure is not a good thing. So, we build time into the daily schedule for “free play” and free-form activities such as drawing, painting, and playing on the playground. These unstructured activities still provide the benefits of enhancing motor skills. 

Social and Emotional Development

Leaning Zone’s structured environment builds a child’s social skills and fosters emotional development. By interacting with children in their age group and experienced caregivers, children learn social skills such as sharing, cooperation, and taking turns. Emotional skills include developing empathy, developing friendship, and resolve conflicts.

Cognitive and Academic Growth

Excellent childcare programs like Learning Zone also include excellent academic curricula for all ages. We know that learning can take place at any age! Each age group (infants and  toddlers, preschool, and pre-K) has its own age-appropriate program of learning. 

Multiple Locations to Serve Your Needs

We have multiple locations in middle TN: Murfreesboro (5 locations), Nashville, Smyrna, Mt. Juliet, Lebanon, and Spring Hill. Two new locations will be opening soon in Gallatin and Nolensville. We invite you to find out more about us because we know how important it is for parents to find the right childcare facility.