STEM VS. STEAM Preschools-What’s the Difference?

STEM vs. STEAM preschools- what’s the difference? STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, English, Art and Mathematics. So, the difference is that a STEM preschool does not put much emphasis on the arts. But at Learning Zone, we realize the importance of including the Arts in our curriculum.   

The Arts Help with Processing Emotions

Adding arts to the preschool curriculum helps children to process their emotions. This is not an easy thing to do at a young age. 

These are activities included in a STEAM curriculum that can children deal with emotions:

  • Drawing.  For a child who has trouble expressing his emotions verbally, drawing can unlock some of the things he is feeling. Teachers and parents can use the drawings to discuss what the child felt as he was drawing.
  • Music.  Listening to music gives a child a chance to discuss how and why he feels as he does once the music is over.
  • Drama.  Children love to pretend. Working in groups to act out a story they’ve read will help them learn to work together. It will also help them see the point of view of the character they are playing.

STEAM Preschools Have Done Their Homework

Research shows there are reasons to include the Arts in a preschool curriculum. STEAM-based learning teaches students how to use their imaginations to explore new and creative ways of to solve problems. They learn how to think outside the box! That’s why we say Learning Zone is “powered by imagination.”

Learning Zone Uses a Steam Curriculum

By adding the arts to our STEM curriculum, we feel your child will gain confidence and an appreciation of the arts that will last him a lifetime. Children who love learning and school often say their favorite things about preschool are art and music.