The Joys of Finger Painting

Finger painting in the Expression Zone

Finger painting is a perfect art form for toddlers. And the Expression Zone at Learning Zone is the perfect place to do it as you can see in the photo on the right.

The Value of Finger Painting

In addition to the sheer fun of it, this particular art activity is very tactile. It stimulates the sense of touch, sight, and smell. Obviously, it gives children the opportunity to use their imaginations, but it also teaches some cognitive skills. It’s a fun way to learn colors and to learn what happens when you mix colors. And finally, finger painting strengthens the hand and fingers which helps with fine motor skills.

Try It at Home

Most local stores like Target or Walmart carry finger paint, but you can order it from Amazon too. No special kind of paper is required, but paper with a gloss finish gives a better experience. Some parents shy away from finger painting because of the mess, but it’s washable and easy to clean up. This activity is known to be emotionally soothing, so parents might want to join in too.

Finger Painting with a Salad Spinner

The Pre-K class found that you can use finger paint without getting it on your fingers. They squirted it on their art paper and spun it in a salad spinner to produce some great artwork.  Pulling the cord on the salad spinner was as much fun to the older children as getting paint on their fingers was to the toddlers!  

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