Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen?

Never! Not at Learning Zone. In August, our children are stepping into the shoes of culinary masters. Our younger children are becoming “Wee Chefs,” and our older children are taking on the roles of “Culinary Artists.”

The Wee Chefs are mixing, mashing, pouring, measuring, baking, and cooking with books. Our Culinary Artists are doing all this, as well as learning about food presentation.

What the Culinary Artists Are Creating

Now our pre-K students are “proficient” in baking and decorating cupcakes. In their baking experience, they:

  • Worked together as a team
  • Used fine motor skills
  • Followed instructions
  • Measured ingredients
  • Portioned batter
  • Applied icing with an “pastry tube” (aka a Ziplock bag)
  • Used their creative skills to decorate the cupcakes

What the Wee Chefs are Cooking Up

Hungry for a “mama mia” pizza? Just contact our toddlers. First they will use their fine motor skills to grasp the “pizza toppings” and place them on the pizza. Next they will use their creative skills to make you a unique, handmade pizza. (Just be sure to put the “pizza” on your refrigerator, not in it.

Our older wee chefs will be happy to make you a dish of painted spaghetti. And they will be quick to tell you that spaghetti is a grain. Then they will tell you all about the four major food groups. In this learning experience, they used their fine motor skills to paint the noodles. Then they got to use their hands to feel and play with the noodles.

We Have Room for Your Little Chef in our Child Care Centers

Give us a call. We have openings in all our locations: