A Unique Approach to Child Care
in Murfreesboro

Learning Zone is unique. Learning Zone is fun. And, we think it’s the best child care Murfreesboro TN has to offer. Why do we believe this? We think Einstein says it best…

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” 

The recently-opened Learning Zone lives and breathes this concept. Learning Zone’s use of imaginative play is a unique approach that makes child care “organically” educational. That is, the children learn while having fun and “doing what comes naturally.”

The Best Child Care Murfreesboro TN Could Ask For

best child care Murfreesboro TN
At Learning Zone we set up our facility to encourage imaginative play in lots of different ways. We set up specific areas for:

  • Exploration
  • Construction
  • Action
  • Community
  • Expression
  • Gadgets

What child might invent the next great thingamajig in the “Gadget Zone”? What future foundations for skyscrapers might be laid in the “Construction Zone”? How might the future of space travel be changed in the “Exploration Zone”? With imaginative play, children can do anything. There are no limits. Think what this does to expand the mind and tap future potential.

Encouraging Imaginative Play

“Prop Boxes” and “Loose Parts” are two of many ways that Learning Zone encourages imaginative play. A Prop Box might contain menus from local restaurants, an order pad and pencil, a calculator, a waitress’ apron, and a chef’s hat. The children can identify the individual props and talk about the uses of the props, but they decide exactly what they want to do with the props. While it might be likely that a restaurant scenario would play out, the children can take it in any direction. The teacher doesn’t make a suggestion such as “Why don’t you play restaurant?”  Loose Parts are even more open-ended. Even the relationship or compatibility of the parts does not suggest an obvious theme. Click here to learn more about the theory of Loose Parts.