What We Learn about Christmas
from a Child

All the adults in the room tend to make Christmas complicated, expensive, overwhelming, and chaotic. For children, Christmas holds a special magic, an electric feeling in the air. It’s a time of joy and wonder.

Christmas is

  • the story of The Night before Christmas
  • the beauty of the Christmas tree
  • staying up late to watch The Polar Express and drink hot chocolate with marshmallows
  • singing carols
  • secretly making that special gift for Mom or Dad out of macaroni
  • setting up the nativity scene 

As parents, we sometimes think that our kids can’t have a good Christmas without a lot of toys and constant activities. We end up overloading our schedule with events and straining our budgets. In the end, we often see that it is the simple things that mean the most to our children. 

Our Wish for You

It is our hope that you will experience this Christmas like a child. Simplify and be present in the moment. Revel in the wonder of Christmas. Focus on peace and goodwill toward men. 

From all our teachers and staff at Learning Zone, to all our children and their parents, we wish you the very merriest of Christmases. Thank you for giving us the privilege of caring for and teaching these little ones.