Learning Zone
Openings Available for Daycare
At Siegel Road, Murfreesboro

This is the second half of the day for 3-year-old (fictitious) Henry James. Remember that Henry has spent the first half of his day having fun and playing while learning and reinforcing motor and cognitive skills. If you find that Henry’s day sounds like what you want for your child, we have openings available for daycare as of May 2023. Give us a call.

Openings Available for Daycare in Murfreesboro

Lunch Time

After several other learning activities, also carefully disguised as fun, it was time for lunch and another visit from Mrs. Jenna the chef. Mrs. Jenna provided another nutritious “Seed-to-Table” lunch that the kids liked. And again, the teachers delved out portions that were just the right size for each child.

Nap Time

After lunch, the children got prepared for nap time, a two hour period in which the children can rest or sleep. Not all the children go to sleep during this time, but Henry usually does. Today he was just resting quietly on his mat, too excited to go to sleep because he knew that his Mom was picking him up for a special activity for his birthday! When everyone got up from nap time, they had a snack to get them through the rest of the day.

Afternoon Activities

After snack time today, Henry’s class alternated between fine motor table toys and The Music & Movement Zone. Then it was time for “Outdoor Expedition” – time to go outside and play on the playground. Henry always loves riding the bicycles that are just the right size for him.  Back inside, during group activity time, Henry and his friends each chose a puppet and then told each other a story using their puppets.


Henry’s mother generally picks him up at about 5:15 p.m., but she was a little early because she was taking him to the mall to pick out his birthday present – a new big-boy bike! Henry’s  teacher told his mother how his day was. And she sent home some artwork they had made the day before that was finally dry! While walking out with his mom, Henry told his Mom he loves going to Learning Zone!

Immediate Openings for Daycare

Henry and his teachers welcome your child to come to the Murfreesboro Learning Zone on Siegel Road. We have immediate openings at this location. Call us today.